Regional Dance Competition in

Burbank, CA


September 11-13, 2020

New Location!

Rainbow is dedicated to producing a high quality dance event that creates rewarding experiences for dancers, teachers, and parents. Our stages are shared by thousands of different ages, talents, and abilities. We seek to provide each of these performers with the opportunity to shine in a positive, rewarding, and exhilarating competition setting. We also pride ourselves on acknowledging the achievements and excellence of teachers, choreographers, and parents. It is our firm belief that the hard work and commitment of these individuals deserves equal attention and recognition. We are honored to be an artistic outlet where dedication and talent are celebrated. We look forward to an amazing competition and can’t wait to see all of your performances!



Ramona Turpin

Event Coordinator

Cierra Chavez
(714) 826-8440 ext 1006
Redondo Beach, CA - 1/25/2019 Redondo Beach, CA - 1/25/2019 Redondo Beach, CA - 1/25/2019 Redondo Beach, CA - 1/25/2019 Redondo Beach, CA - 1/25/2019 Redondo Beach, CA - 1/25/2019 Redondo Beach, CA - 1/25/2019 Redondo Beach, CA - 1/25/2019


Please be aware that the stream will stop and start between studio blocks.

Venue Info


3400 Winona Ave. - Burbank, CA 91504

Health & Safety Guidelines

Burbank Event Protocols and Restrictions For Attending Studios

In these uncertain times, we are honored to be hosting an event where dancers have the opportunity to shine! Please be aware that the following protocols and restrictions are going to be strictly enforced for the safety and well-being of all studios as well as our team members. Your Director will be reaching out to you prior to your attendance to discuss any details in regards to your scheduled performance time. We’re thrilled to provide a NEW and FRESH dance experience for all to enjoy. The entire team has been hard at work developing a LIVE “Hollywood” set experience that your dancers will never forget. Lights, Camera, Action!!!

* Our competition’s number ONE priority and ability to host an event for your dancers is solely based on the health and safety of all attendees. Masks are required at all times by any person who enters the venue area. Any guest violating this requirement will be escorted off the premises. Please inform your families of the importance of complying with this rule!
* Due to the strict COVID-19 venue restrictions, NO AUDIENCE MEMBERS WILL BE PERMITTED.
* This special event will not be using a physical stage - instead all performances will be on a LIVE television style set!!
* There will be NO backstage crossover permitted. All crossovers will have to be done on set in plain view of judges.
* The performance area dimensions will be approximately 40 x 30
* Live stream feed of all performances will be provided for your families’ viewing pleasure. The stream can be found on the city event page.
* Only dancers, studio owners, teachers and limited chaperones (for younger dancers needing assistance in dressing rooms) will be allowed in the venue area.
* If any dancers, studio owners, teachers or chaperones are over temp (100.3F or higher) during check in, they will be given several opportunities to cool off. However, if continually tested over temp the venue will not permit admittance into the venue and will escort the individual off the premises.

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